Infinity: The Hunt #2 Review

Infinity: The Hunt #2

Written by: Matt Kindt
Art by: Steven Sanders

It’s one thing to wage war against the heroes of Earth, but the youth too? Nobody is safe as the destruct spreads to the Avengers Academy, Jean Grey School, Future Foundation, Braddock Academy, Wakandan School of Alternative Studies, the Pan-Asian School for the Unusually Gifted and the Latverian School of Sciences. They are all getting a taste of what the real heroes deal with and this is their time to show what they’re capable of.

Matt Kindt doesn’t pull punches with this story. As a tie-in it is very graphic and all of these students are expendable if he so chooses. When Crimson was flattened, my jaw dropped that something like that could even happen to one of them, some of them just aren’t prepared for what they face. The students at all of the world’s super schools try to put into play everything they’ve learned as they fight side-by-side. What I like is that while it was obvious that they’d rebel against their teachers and fight anyways, they did so in an interesting way. I mean you’d think that they’d just go out and help the teachers, but they go off to fight on a different front. Questioning why they are in school when they can’t save themselves. I mean Matt does show that these teachers are way too overprotective.

Where you feared that this would have actually gone the safe path of them doing those games, this shows so much more promise. Potential that should be unlocked in a lot of these young heroes with their backs against their walls. Not to mention coming to enjoy some new young heroes who have some interesting skills. Looks great, feels mature, Sanders makes this look like something you can take seriously because you should despite having the nonchalant nature of Quintin Quire. Next to Infinity Heist, this is another book worth picking up as a mini series.

Score: 8.6/10