Nightwing #24

Written by: Kyle Higgins
Art by: Will Conrad

This issue is all about decisions. Nightwing having to work with the one man he hated most in order to save Chicago from the Prankster. The city is thrown into chaos and things have only been getting worse since the Prankster played his hand. You really enjoy this suspenseful tale knowing that things have been set in motion since the start for this one day, Halloween, where the story hits its climax.

The Prankster has been quite the mystery up to now, and now that we know who he is, everything up to now makes that much sense. Sure his intentions are good considering what he went through, but it doesn’t justify everything that has happened and still happening right now. Higgins really tries to dissect this obsession that Grayson has had with Zucco, going so far as to draw a comparison between them. This has always been about the lengths people will go for revenge, and if Grayson would let that blind him when there is a real danger right in front of him.

Again you admire Will Conrads style. The incredible amount of detail and effects that he puts into the artwork. From capturing the more graphic scenes, wrinkles in clothing, the depth of everything solid, to making things that look metallic stand out. Overall the way he captures these characters feels real, which is all you can really ask for.

This was a great conclusion because to an extent Grayson got what he wanted. The pacing was on point and the momentum was consistently rising keeping you interest in the story. This was a well done transition for Nightwing into Chicago knowing that this was an experience he did not expect. Had some fun elements as well, especially seeing him utilize the subway system to get around faster and easier. The ending Higgins gave us is something which opens doors to more stories for Nightwing, ones in which will put him in some interesting scenarios given that he has made yet another enemy by the end.

Score: 9.5/10