X-Men #6 Review

X-Men #6

Written by: Brian Wood
Art by: David Lopez

Things have finally picked up moving into part 7 of Battle of The Atom. As the intensity had picked up, so has the progression with mysteries finally being revealed leading to the clash we had been anticipating. Surprising how long they kept up the charade given all the mutants they have at their disposal, but we can all just be grateful that Wood was able to get the wheel turning before it was too late.

We knew that this team of X-Men were tough, but turned out to be more formidable than expected. The stakes are finally set and everybody had something to lose when they want to have a say in their future. There’s a real sense of urgency for what could possibly come their way and they really don’t want to face the real future X-Men. Their meeting should clear up whatever still remain unanswered and that is what we should expect most since there seems to be some animosity between them over their conflict of interests. In light of everything that happened it was touching to see young Jubilee meet older Shogo, assuring her that nothing happens to him between now and then.

My only issue is how fast it took Wolverine to notice that there was something wrong with this set of X-Men. Sure he just had a feeling, but he seemed so set for sending the original back that you would have thought it would take a bit more to send a red flag his way. On the other hand it was smart of Wood to have Wolverine without his healing factor in this.

Very entertaining issue as the fake future X-Men are finally revealed. Some twists were revealed even if a bit obvious and it’s all great to see now that things are reaching an end with three issues left. We can only hope that there is enough room to flesh out a proper ending knowing that much time was spent with a focus on whether the original X-Men should go back rather than them taking action.

Score: 8.7/10