Zero #2 Review

Zero #2

Written by: Ales Kot
Art by: Jordie Bellaire

Zero is definitely a mixed bag of emotions. Light-hearted, morbid, sympathetic towards all involved. Has some slow moments, though for the better. Seeing Edwards life as he trains to be a soldier, and his somewhat relationship with Mina, even though love is forbidden and punishable for soldiers. It’s a hard life for them and Ales Kot made sure you realize this throughout.

There was a lot of focus on emphasizing what they all fought for. Drawing that line between good and bad, moral and unethical. They wanted to make the world a better place and there was no room for any who stand in the way of this. The speech about the dog as Edward was being briefed was very clever, using the dog to represent what they were fighting against. Seeing those who are evil as a sickness, and removing them with the only thought that the world would be a better place for it. That conviction seems to be the driving force for this story and as soldiers it’s what keeps them motivated. What you get is an in depth look at what makes soldiers tick, losing that individuality and freedom to think on their own. It doesn’t matter what they think, that much is what creates this depressing atmosphere.

Zero #2 is a solid issue that allows us room to understand the direction this story is taking, what it’s shaping up to be. Here we saw Edward experience his first kill, to be able to prove himself. It was the best moment to show that question of whether what he was doing is right. Bellaire’s graphic style really added to this moment when it came to that point where he had to take someone’s life. The gore, violence, blood, all coming down to the treatment of the targets they are assigned to take out. They aren’t seen as people, men, women, kids, just targets. It allows for more freedom to do things that engage you more as someone who sympathizes with the choices they have to make in order to do what they believe is right.

Score: 8.7/10