Hawkeye #13 Review

Hawkeye #13

Written by:  Matt Fraction
Art by: David Aja

Hawkguy has made his return! Sadly it’s just another day in the ordinary life of Clint Barton, and that comes with a lot of baggage and troubles. You’d think someone like him would have found some sort of happiness, yet nothing really seems to go his way. Did he and Peter Parker trade places at some point?

The one hero who has so much to overcome, he’s not like the others and doesn’t think of himself any better. Beating himself up and very self-destructive because he’s just an ordinary guy who’s really good with a bow and arrow. That much you get here and much more. It’s because of his sidekick, Kate that you see his mindset spelled out for him, more depressing that she’s younger than him and has to give him a kick in the ass when he is failing. You really sympathize for him and Fraction perfectly captures that importance of the man behind the mask, so to speak since he doesn’t wear one. I mean those cops did easily figure out who he was since he failed at diverting the conversation.

The tone of this book was very gloomy. Not most of it, but when it really counted during those sentimental moments, Aja captured just how they were feeling and how you should see them.

In the end, seeing Clint and Barney Barton come to the realization that they are brothers and need each other was that last touch to make this a brilliant issue. We get that story where action isn’t needed, and we can just see the hero for who he is. Clint is just a man, and it’s what makes you relate to him in every way.

Score: 9.2/10