Justice League of America #8 Review

Justice League of America #8

Written by:  Matt Kindt
Art by: Doug Mahnke

Now we know the fate of the league, predictable, yet still providing an adventure worth following. The only two who remained safe between Manhunter and Stargirl, are all that stands between the Justice League being lost forever and them finding a way to get back into the fight.

It’s an interesting choice that Kindt chose these two to be the only two that were found on the outside of the prison. You could see Stargirl as someone, but Manhunter comes off as one hero that you’d probably want under control considering his telepathic abilities are very strong. Sure they were weakened as he entered the prison, yet if he did not, he’s someone who could pose a real danger to the Syndicate. Either way this didn’t stop it from being an entertaining issue to say the least. As predictable as it was in how the heroes were kept under control, it was clever to take a different approach to their “weaknesses”. Kindt played on them in a way that it would take more than just knowing what the prison is doing to them to break them free. The art is solid to say the least. Some inconsistencies, though the coloring really stands out, making everything important stand out as well.

Should be interesting in general to see how this plays out because the Justice League isn’t dead. The Crime Syndicate told all the villains they are dead, and if Manhunter and Stargirl succeed, it will create a lot more chaos than what has already unfolded. There’s a lot more to the prison as well than what’s on the surface, some hints thrown out considering that mysterious figure and the odd appearance of only one half of Firestorm.

Score: 7.8/10