Superior Spider-Man #19

Written by:  Dan Slott
Art by: Ryan Stegman

Despite events since Spider-Man 2099′s emergence in the 616 Universe, things have fallen quite flat. That is till this very moment. The supposed moment that would have changed the world of Spider-Man. From here there now can be a direction that leads to something more progressive for Otto.

What I like is that being Otto, there is a lot more focus on solutions rather than traditional heroics. That is something we’re used to, but from a science perspective there’s so many possibilities and seeing how Slott used the Horizon labs crew to stop the time bomb was a good way to handle them. Of course at the same time getting back to something long forgotten, the consequences of Otto purging all of Peter’s memories from his mind. Even as this is a new chapter in Otto’s life, there still has to be those moments where he should fear not knowing how to approach an issue that required knowledge of Peter’s past and actions.

Stegman really added to that sense of urgency as this time bomb was ready to blow. The energy flowing everywhere and the grim tone as they almost failed due to Otto having to figure out that sequence on the fly.

Overall this provided us with much developments for Spider-Man’s cast. Spider-Man 2099 is now a part of this story as he keeps an eye on Stone, Modell has gone his way, MJ has finally moved on, and Carlie continues her search for answers as to if it really is Peter under the mask. Well she has a pretty good idea as of now, but we’ll see if she can really capitalize on this new opportunity because many chances for Otto’s secret to be revealed ended up failing under the most disappointing circumstances.

Score: 8/10