Uncanny X-Men #13 Review

Uncanny X-Men #13

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Chris Bachalo

The final fight has begun! This is really what we have waited for coming into this crossover event. It definitely was moving slow for a majority of this story, but when it picked up, Bendis really cranked that dial-up. This isn’t like any other time that X-Men has fought X-Men, these traitors have abandoned everything they stood for and use no restraint to get the outcome they desire. Giving us that end we still hope for as the atmosphere is tense.

Illyana is the one character that had stepped up since the start, being the first to notice something was wrong as well with the fake X-Men. Seeing her and Colossus do some real damage as brother and sister. While not as much fighting as you would expect, the emotional pull seems to be the selling point. The anger, confusion, regret, everything that makes you convinced that there are stakes in this fight is there. This is everyone’s future at risk and they are fighting to make sure that once again it doesn’t turn to chaos, as it usually does. One thing worth mentioning is the hints at possible future scenarios for these characters, mainly Iceman, Illyana, and Jubilee. Some needed depth to give the X-Men something to build on in terms of character progression.

The art is good, but the way that Bachalo portrays Illyana’s powers is a bit confusing because you wouldn’t know she was teleporting unless someone said she did. Some parts seemed a bit rushed.

By the end of this we come out with an understanding of how the future story comes to be. Maybe this is just a consequence of time still being broken? Either way they are here to stay and now the fake X-Men have to answer for what they’ve done. Though we know how this will end in terms of what happens with the Original X-Men, we still have to hope that Bendis gives us the desired ending to make this crossover event memorable.

Score: 8.2/10