Rat Queens #2 Review

Rat Queens #2

Written by: Kurtis J. Wiebe
Art by: Roc Upchurch

Rat Queens is one inspiring journey. If you were an MMO/RPG fan, you’d feel as if this book is calling you back into that world you probably gave up years ago. Team, Guild, whatever the Rat Queens are, they remind you of that group that is so toxic when angered, yet fun all the same when they are doing what they do best.

Right off the bat they’re into the fight and it’s entertaining to see how they handle themselves being of different disciplines. Kurtis seems to understand the roles they play very well and are believable as such. The terms, their lifestyle, all reflecting something familiar yet approached in a clever way. He isn’t afraid to give these characters hell either, only took two pages for one of them to have their arm broke in half. From there you just know how intense this can be and he does not disappoint on that front. It’s all about teamwork in the end and that much is emphasized throughout despite them at each others throats.

Their dynamic is really what stands out here. The way they all interact with each other. It’s not as if everyone is just meeting each other like other stories start out. They’ve been together from the start and have their relationships mapped out across the world amongst the towns people, Tizzie’s team, and the Four Daves. Allows for a lot of the comedic moments that take place between them and their clashing personalities are what set them apart. Hannah most of all with her brash attitude and willingness to be the first looking for trouble really is that fun character that shows presence.

You just have to admire the style of the story as well, looks real enough yet also makes you feel as if they are playing some game. Aside from this the setting is something you see captured well as it looks like something straight out of an RPG world from the villages, the town, to taverns.

Rat Queens is the book you should be reading if you want to see action. Entertaining from start to finish this book is very recommended as yet another book Image has debuted of high quality. This is a serious story that still has fun with it at the same time. All characters are likable and that much is reason to invest your time into such a tale of fantasy.

Score: 9.1/10