SCE Australia “Overwhelmed” By PlayStation 4 Enthusiasm in Australia

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia has today revealed the company has been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm Australian gamers have shown for the system.

“We’ve known for a while that we have something really special with PS4 and the number of pre-orders we’re seeing through our retail partners affirms this belief.” Said Michael Ephraim, Managing Director at SCE Aust.

“It’s been seven years since we launched our last console in Australia and it seems the appetite for a high quality gaming experience continues to grow.”

Consumer and Market Research company Roy Morgan Research has revealed that 600,000 gamers are intending to purchase the PlayStation 4, which apparently doubles those interested in purchasing the Xbox One.  These figures collected during the months of July and August this year.

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia has also conducted their own research to find out which features have gamers most excited for the PlayStation 4. Sitting atop the list is the new powerful processor, followed by the line-up of new games and then the DualShock 4 controller itself.

“Sony Computer Entertainment believes that it is important to offer as many gamers around the world the opportunity to get their hands on PS4 this year.” Ephraim continued.

“The features of the PS4 have really captured the imagination of Australian gamers, making demand far higher than we anticipated. It’s clear that PS4′s powerful features, personalisation and unrelenting focus on what gamers love most is building up to one of the most exciting launches in our industry’s history.”

PlayStation 4 will launch in Australia on November 29 for AUD$549.95.