Avengers #22 Review

Avengers #22

Written by: Jonathan Hickman
Art by: Leinel Francis Yu

Preparations are now set for the Council to take the fight to Thanos. For everything they have gone through and more, everything comes down to confronting a mad Titan whose reason for quarry is something none can find logic in. This issue was a good transition into what’s to come at best.

Considering that you have read Infinity before this issue, it’s hard to say that you left feeling the same excitement. In this issue they basically are getting ready to make their way into Earth’s orbit, but aside from this there wasn’t much else. A relationship bloomed, the question of Thanos’s sanity came into question, and there was some heart-to-heart on going into this final stretch of the war, but so much more could have been expected of this. A lot less time could have gone into what happened in this issue whether it had its importance or not. It all fell flat of trying to get you pumped up or create a feeling of suspense, you probably would have rather skipped this and just waited for the next issue.

That’s not to take away what was more important which was showing those like Manifold why they are Avengers. Why as heroes they do what they do despite the obstacles they will face. Aside from this you can always say that Avengers remains looking visually stunning as usual.

Solid issue, though this would have been the appropriate time to have said things were dragging on a bit. When coming from the events of the last issue of Infinity, you want to maintain some of that same momentum and it completely dropped here. There was a sense of urgency to stop Thanos now, yet that was it.

Score: 7.7/10