Kick-Ass 3 #4

Written by: Mark Millar
Art by: John Romita Jr.

It’s about time, but things are finally starting to pick up in the world of Kick-Ass. Yes the last issue showed some progress, but here there are actual plots developing. All starting with Justice Forever’s “Real-Life Civil War” and ending with everybody preparing to make some big moves.

Up to this point you could have easily fell off from the story, I could have because it really didn’t seem like it was going anywhere. You would have thought that the transition from the last book would have kept the momentum and moved on to something exciting right off the bat, yet that was not the case. But now you see some big developments taking place. It was about time that we saw some conflict of interest within the ranks of Justice Forever. All it took was for one hero being Kick-Ass to man up and remind these heroes what they’re there to do, obviously many of them forgetting since now there’s tension between them. You can only hope that Millar is able to do something interesting with this because anything involving a civil war has a lot to live up to.

Overall Millar has done something that created some much-needed depth from the story, which was shaking up the status quo. Showing those who bent to Genovese’s will that they are in over their heads as anyone of them can be killed at any given moment. There’s actually something at stake here and now everyone is trying to play their hand. The cops now looking to risk it all just to get what they are sacrificing their lives for and leave when the chance presents itself. Also seeing Hit-Girl now face the fact that she may never leave this prison is going to weigh heavily on her down the road. Maybe even be what makes her snap.

If it means anything it’s worth pointing out that the light show Juicer put on to prove himself did look impressive. Everything else pretty much remained consistent.

Still nothing big, but a change in the status quo is what Millar needed to focus on in order to keep this story alive. I’d say if you have been on the fence about this book, maybe just pick it up from here, but even then you have to question if this book still can pull through at this level. Millar will definitely have to crank it up a notch because high-octane action is what we expect from Kick-Ass.

Score: 8.1/10