‘Forza Motorsport 5′ Will Recieve Strong Post-Release Support

Microsoft has announced Forza Motorsport 5 will see the same support for post-release content the series has been known. Each month will see a new Forza Motorsports 5 Car Pack released, offering full Forzavista mode support for each vehicle.

Every Forza Motorsports 5 Car Pack will contain 10 individual cars, with the first pack releasing on November 22. Each pack after this first release will arrive in the first week of every month, beginning January through March 2014.

Players can opt to buy certain individuals cars from each Car Pack, or even purchase the Forza Motorsports 5 Car Pass which will grant them access to the first six Forza Motorsports 5 Car Packs for AU$64.95 (which equates to an 18% saving as opposed to individual purchase).

There will also be a LaFerrarri Car Pack which will be available at launch, which gives players the first opportunity to see the cockpit of Ferrari’s long-awaited hypercar. Powered by an innovative 950-hp hybrid engine and limited to 499 global production units, the LaFerrarri will be one of the fastest and rarest cars in the world.

Alongside the LaFerrari, the pack will also include 9 additional cars, with more information released soon.

Forza Motorsport 5 will launch exclusively for the Xbox One on November 22.