Unity #1

Written by: Matt Kindt
Art by: Doug Braithwaite

As the start to this all-new ongoing series and event of the year, Unity #1 comes out swinging. Off the bat it is very new reader friendly, you don’t have to have read anything else before this first issue to understand the story. You start off with an understanding of Aric, who this is all centered around because he’s the threat in the almost god-like suit. Everything else that you need to know is slowly addressed throughout the issue and that is the best way to go into something of this scale.

The last issue of X-O Manowar was what finally brought us into this conflict, ending with Toyo Harada’s introduction into the conflict. Only making sense that the world’s most dangerous man would be called upon to take on a force which could even draw out fear from him. That fear which gives you a bit of insight of his past as well. What you do appreciate here is that the team isn’t just thrown together, Matt Kindt is too smart for that. He takes advantage of the fact that Harada is in charge of this mission and team to have thought of a plan for engaging. It’s definitely not like other team books in which they rush immediately into the fight either. You enjoy that each of these power players have a specialty and a specific role that they are meant to play. That even means if they are just a team who really has no idea what they are going up against or the chances that they will come close to even testing his metal.

The characterization is very good as well. Between Harada, Eternal Warrior, and Ninjak, you feel as though they are the same characters you’re familiar with. Their personalities are so strong that you really are reminded as to how dangerous they all are, the best of the best. Each have their motivations and Kindt has made that known. To take down a god, you recruit those who can stand to them united, that is the presence that just these three alone have when the focus is on them.

It’s even worth mentioning the dialogue both spoken and within their heads that allows you to understand each of these main characters in their own way.

Unity #1 is the perfect entry point for new readers. You would not regret picking up this book and seeing for yourself why the launching of  Valiant’s first-ever superteam is that big of a deal. Not many from these books you can say disappoint and Unity #1 surely won’t. Great plot, characterization, it’s nothing short of visually stunning through the style of Doug Braithwaite. The penciling brings everything to life, the detail in their faces, and the environments which look very real. He sells every moment and that is why you will enjoy this book.

Score: 9.5/10