Amazing X-Men #1

Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: Ed McGuiness

An interesting start to the journey that brings Nightcrawler back to the land of the living. This has been the story that Wolverine and The X-Men has been building towards since the start. While the reception of Wolverine and The X-Men varied, there’s no denying that it set us up for such events as this.

From the very start we see Nightcrawler and how he has lived his life since death. We all know that X-Men never stay dead and in his case he doesn’t want to. It was exciting to see him clash with Azazel again, especially knowing that Azazel cares little for his own son. With that said I felt that it was a very short-lived moment. Of everything that happened in this issue, I would have wanted there to have been more time put into that confrontation and getting an idea for what position Azazel has found himself in since we last saw him. There has been much teasing about him being Lord of Heaven and it’s a bit confusing as to how that can be.

Ed McGuiness made this book look fun. Between the playful look of Nightcrawler, Azazel, and the Bamfs, it’s a much-needed change from what we would have seen from Wolverine and The X-Men. Overall there is a great use of bold colors and inking which made everything look clean.

Good start though you do hope things start to pick up a bit from here. I do feel that a bit too much time was wasted showing us how the school is normally and we do kind of have an idea of how the school runs by now. Firestar should hopefully be a good new addition to the team though I think there was an easier way of bringing her into the story.

Score: 7.9/10