Blockbuster Video Finds An Administrator

Since re-entering administration late last month, Blockbuster has announced it has found an administrator to help it the company get back on track.

However, the appointing of an administrator means up to 2000 jobs could be put at risk by Moorfields Corporate Recovery, the firm behind the administration.

Speaking on the issue of Blockbuster’s situation, Moorfield’s handlers for Blockbuster’s administration Nick O’Reilly and Simon Thomas recognised this as “a difficult and upsetting time for everyone involved at Blockbuster, in particular employees who have endured a stressful period since January this year.”

Thompson and O’Reilly continued by adding that multiple parties are interested in Blockbuster’s survival so this means the company could still be saved much like HMV was saved by Hilco in January.

Despite Blockbuster facing pasture, it will continue to trade throughout administration while it can.

Last week Analog Addiction reported that Blockbuster will be continuing to work with Sony and Microsoft to fulfil pre-orders of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.