Knuckleheads #4 Review

Knuckleheads #4

Written by: Brian Winkeler
Art by: Robert Wilson IV

Last issue, Crystal Fist had proven himself somewhat of a hero after saving the city from a rampaging monster and getting the girl. We find out he can fly, he can shoot energy blasts from the crystal fist, and he blew up the monster. Now things settle down a bit as the gang step out after a night of celebrating this victory. Knuckleheads #4 is the start of a new chapter in Trevor’s life now that he is aware of what he’s capable of.

As the start of Trevor’s heroic journey, hitting every pothole along the way is not to be exaggerated. Again we see why he is an unconventional hero that is in way over his head. As you can see, he is the type of guy that doesn’t understand the responsibility of being a superhero, or the importance of a secret identity. He doesn’t take care of his body either and that is something which adds to the fact that he is a person you can’t take seriously at first glance. Not a problem of course because that is the intention. The best part about this issue is that after things have calmed down, we are getting some characterization. We learn a bit more about Pizza Guy and Emma. Both are characters that have been given life beyond what could have been two random civilians that appeared and left.

I do have to say that while the dialogue is funny, you really have to give credit to the art a bit more. The way they are drawn to react to these moments of humor seems very natural for them. This is especially the derpy looks that Trevor tends to make when he’s feeling some extreme emotion.

This pancakes and adventure-filled transition from the last issue was the best way for Winkeler to show us what is in store for us as this story progresses. Trev, his roommate Lance, Pizza Guy and Emma, the “hot drunk English chick,” are all likable characters and they are written so well together that you hope they don’t separate any time soon. Together they are all a magnet for trouble, and that seems to be what you can expect at any moment.

Score: 8.2/10