New Kickstarter Game Combines RTS and Space Combat

Montreal indie developer Virtual Adventures is seeking funds on Kickstarter for upcoming RTS/space combat hybrid game Star Quest 2: United Galaxies.

This title is actually being resurrected 15 years later. Virtual Adventures, which still consists of the original team members, originally began development on Star Quest 2 in 1998, but could not proceed due to “financial constraints.” With the help of Kickstarter, Virtual Adventures is hoping to get this game back in the market with visual updates.

The original game, Star Quest I in the 27th Century, combined space combat gameplay with racing elements. Star Quest 2, on the other hand, retains space combat, but merges it with RTS gameplay.

Paul Lauzon, owner of Virtual Studios, said “It lets you play space combat and surface missions as a pilot in multiplayer. It also includes [RTS] missions where you can create your base, gather resources, command a fleet and even control one of your ground turret or pilot a ship from your fleet while the other units are following your orders.”

With 20 days left to go until its deadline on Thursday, Dec. 26 at 11:55 a.m. EST., Virtual Adventures wishes to reach $30,000 CAD. The money earned from Kickstarter donaters will allow Virtual Adventures to “bring Star Quest 2: United Galaxies to the market.”

For more information on Star Quest 2: United Galaxies, check out the game’s Kickstarter page and give it some support if you can. Be sure to also look at Virtual Adventures’ website, Facebook page, Twitter page and YouTube channel.