Housemarque Confirms Resogun DLC in Devlopment

Housemarque has confirmed they are currently working on DLC for the PlayStation 4 exclusive Resogun.

The information was provided through the official Resogun Facebook page, when a fan inquired if Resogun would be released on the PlayStation Vita.

“At the moment we are working on Resogun DLC and another PS4 project.”

Aside from the confirmation of more Resogun content in the future, the response also reiterated information that was released last year confirming that Housemarque has a second unannounced PlayStation 4 project underway.

No further information was given regarding the Resogun DLC content, or what the unannounced project could be. Housemarque announced last year they would be porting their PlayStation 3 title Dead Nation to PlayStation Vita. Could the PlayStation 4 project be a sequel to the popular twin stick zombie shooter? Only time will tell.