‘Hellraid: The Escape’ Officially Announced

Developer Shortbrake Studios has just revealed its latest iOS title, currently slated for a May 15th release – Hellraid: The Escape.

Developed in close collaboration with the studio behind such titles as Dead IslandCall of Juarez, or the upcoming Dying Light – Techland – Hellraid: The Escape is an action/adventure title, which promises challenging puzzles, fighting demons with your cunning – not weapons – graphics comparable to PC and consoles games, free exploration, and – among a few others – free updates, and no in-app purchases or pay-to-win elements.

Taking place in the same universe as Techland’s upcoming PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC title – Hellraid – Hellraid: The Escape puts players in the shoes of someone whose soul has been trapped in a magical prison guarded by demons. Your job is to remember your identity, find out just where exactly is this magic prison, and also to stop the imminent demonic invasion of the human world.

Check out its official debut trailer below.