Microsoft Buys ‘Rise of Nations’, Prepares ‘Extended Edition’

Microsoft has announced that it has bought the rights to the Rise of Nations franchise, and that an Extended Edition of the old-school RTS game is on its way to us.

Firstly, this enhanced version sports various visual improvements to the original game’s water, textures, and lighting. Secondly, the game also includes full Steamworks integration, cloud saving, Steam trading cards, achievements, multiplayer, and Twitch integration. Finally, the Extended Edition includes both the base game, and its expansion – Thrones and Patriots. If you’ve never experienced Rise of Nations before, check out its official description, below.

Starting with a single city in the Ancient Age, improve your nation by gathering resources, researching technologies, and constructing the great wonders of the world such as the Pyramids and the Eiffel Tower. Deploy and expand your military to conquer hostile nations with bombers, battleships, and tanks all while consolidating power under your rule.

Rise of Nations: Extended Edition launches sometime in June, exclusively on the PC (Windows 7 and Windows 8.1). You can pre-purchase it, via Steam.

Thanks, AllGamesBeta