Kickstarter Spotlight: ‘Skara – The Blade Remains’

Kickstarter has become a new method for getting your video game self-funded. While some games seek back funding to get their game off the ground, there are games like Skara – The Blade Remains which seek that final push to fulfil the dreams of its developers.

Skara – The Blade Remains is a Free-to-Play multiplayer game built on the Unreal Engine 4. The game was approved through Steam’s Greenlight service in eight days and is set to hit Steam Early Access in July.

The developer’s have told us the game will combine elements from multiple genres, including RPGs (skill trees, experience, rich story), fighting games (timing, accuracy, combos and “fatalities”) and MOBAs (arenas and coordination among players).

Skara – The Blade Remains will support up to 16 player battles, allowing players to choose between five classes, all with customisation options.

On first look, the gameplay is reminiscent of games like War of the Roses, or War of the Vikings.

While the game is nearing its completion, the developers need fan backing to implement everything they want Skara – The Blade Remains to be.

““We already have a game to offer,” says Pablo Rodriguez, CEO and creative director, Skara, “But our vision for Skara – The Blade Remains is so much bigger. That’s why we are doing a Kickstarter that will offer our backers great rewards if they join us for the wild ride that is game development.”

One of those features is bringing the title to Next-Gen consoles.

On its Kickstarter page, the team writes, “we are already working with our Xbox One developer kit to bring Skara to the next generation of consoles.”

Furthermore, from the details on the Kickstarter page, Skara – The Blade Returns will be completely free-to-play, not pay to win.

“Skara will always be a free-to-win. We will sell only cosmetic items, such as fancy armors, character skins or even fatalities- we hope some players will like to pay for spectacular ways to kill their enemies. But everyone will be able to access the whole content of the game with virtual currency that you can earn fighting in our arenas,”

“…No matter how deep pocketed you are, you can’t pay to win in Skara.”

Skara – The Blade Remains will have a Kickstarter campaign lasting for one month. The team has a goal to raise $35 000 USD to fund the game’s full release later in 2014. At the time of writing, the Kickstarter campaign currently has $12 802 of that $35 000.

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