E3 2014 – Ubisoft Announces ‘Just Dance 2015′

Ubisoft has announced Just Dance 2015 at this year’s E3 2014 Expo, featuring Pharrell and Ellie Goulding amongst others.

Just Dance 2015 allows players to access a feature this time around called Community Remix which sounds like it’ll allow gamers to take songs, remix them, and then post them to the wider Just Dance community.

Also announced was Just Dance Now, which adds phone and tablet support for the game. Players will download a free app which can allow them to play the game via a mobile device. Ubisoft claims this will allow a seemingly infinite amount of people to play dance together as long as they have that session on their device.

The show’s stage was then flooded by a lot of people dancing. It did not feature Usher, however.

Just Dance 2015 is out this October.