‘Destiny’ Alpha – PS4 Gameplay Compilation

Over the weekend PlayStation 4 gamers have been able to enjoy the Alpha release of Destiny, allowing players to experience the new universe Bungie has created. With only a handful of hours until the Alpha finally closes its doors, Analog Addiction has decided to compile a series of gameplay footage from the Alpha itself. In total the hour and a half of footage below showcases the character creation suite, an entire Strike Mission, and much more.

Before experiencing Destiny players must create their character, from one of the three classes included – Titan, Hunter or Warlock. Players are able to customise the facial appearance, race, gender and colourisation of their characters appearance.

Once your character has been created, players are thrown into the wild terrain of Old Russia. Humans are all but extinct from this wasteland, with the vicious enemy known as the Fallen now making this area its new home. This land is not for the faint of heart and players will need to be prepared to make it out of here alive.

One of the vital aspects of your character is upgrading, as with many games defeating enemies and completing missions will earn you experience, which will allow you to level up and choose new abilities for your character. The Alpha release only allowed characters to reach level 8, meaning we barely experience the plethora abilities on offer.

The Tower, a place for players to relax after your hard hours in battle. Players can deposit their loot into vaults, purchase new weapons and armour, receive new missions or acquire upgrades to their character. Players will also notice The Tower changes perspective to third person, and also removes all combat; a perfect place to meet up with fellow Guardians.

Destiny allows players to team up with friends, or with random players they encounter in the world. Above you will witness our character finding another Guardian in Old Russia, after some time together we group up and decide to work together against the Fallen and any other enemy we encounter.

Players can also face-off against other characters in the Crucible; an area dedicated to Player vs. Player combat. The Alpha offered one of the multiplayer modes available, which is known as Control. Control is very similar to the online multiplayer mode known as Domination, where players must capture locations and hold them to get more points. Destiny also takes away any level advantage players may have over their competition, making sure every player has an even chance at winning.

Destiny’s Alpha for the most part takes place in Old Russia, which is a desolate and futuristic view of landscape. There are an abundance of enemies to defeat, collectables to seek out and many areas to explore. In this video we showcase just a small slice of our experiences in the location.

While exploring Old Russia players can use their trusty Ghost (voiced by Peter Dinklage) to seek out Exploration Missions. These missions seem to include your standard collectable based quests, alongside missions that may have you killing a certain amount of enemies, or perhaps waiting for items to drop from defeated foes.

Over the four videos above you will experience the only Strike Mission available in the Alpha, which was entitled Devil’s Lair. These missions see your character team up with other players to take on dungeon-like missions, this mission in particular had our crew facing off against the deadly Spider Tank, an ever-increasing amount of Fallen an Hive enemies, then finishing up with a boss encounter with a floating robotic enemy known as Septiks Prime. These Strike Missions are no easy feat and they took our coordination and resolve to make it to the end.

We here at Analog Addiction hope you have enjoyed this extensive visual experience of the Destiny Alpha and would like to leave you with one last video. The video above showcases some of the fun players can have when interacting, either in joyous celebration, friendly fun, or simply letting loose. Destiny has dancing and it offers some hilarious and fun moments.

Destiny will release September 9 worldwide for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while the upcoming Public Beta will begin July 17.