Bohemia Interactive Releases Major ‘Arma 3’ Update – Bootcamp

Bohemia Interactive has released a major update for Arma 3, titled – Bootcamp – the new update aims to help players who are new to the Arma series get the most out of the gameplay mechanics within the franchise.

The new update includes additional single player and multiplayer tutorials, a Virtual Reality training environment, a character, equipment and weapons viewer known as the Virtual Arsenal, refinements to fatigue and weapon sway mechanics, plus added integration for Arma 3’s Steam Workshop.

The new single player Bootcamp mode allows players to be introduced to the basic principles of infantry combat in Arma 3, which include weapon handling, navigation and more. The mode features a short prologue campaign where players will have to complete real objectives. The added multiplayer Bootcamp is described as a way to “help newbies adapt to Arma 3.”

The VR Training included in the update enables players to learn about basic game mechanics within the confines of a virtual reality world, allowing players to practice without the risk of in-game penalty. Players can choose from a variety of gameplay elements, where they a guided through simple objectives. As for the Virtual Arsenal, players can views a plethora of game assets and configure them with unique types and insignia, alongside exporting load outs to script or used in Arma 3 Zeus scenarios.

Within the new update Arma 3 players may notice the refined fatigue and weapon sway mechanics. Weapon sway is the ability to turn quickly and gain an advantage by using lighter firearms, while those using bigger weapons may find it hard to aim accurately when making frequent vapid movements. The fatigue refinements will see players rate of movement limited based on the weight of the gear they carry, their health and management of their stamina.

Lastly, Bootcamp also brings with it further integration of the Steam Workshop. Before players could only create Arma 3 scenarios, with the new update players can now upload and share add-ons, such as custom weapons, vehicle and more.

Arma 3 was released late last year and is available for PC.