‘WildStar’ Part Two – The Saviour of In-Game Housing

House customisation has always been one factor of a game which I immensely enjoy. Whether it be designing and building a house on Sims or propping up with properties around Skyrim, it is something which you can control how you desire. It allows you to put your own touch on the game and it was something which kept me playing RuneScape much longer than I would had it not been implemented. It was something which World of Warcraft was never able to satisfy during my long experience. I was never really able to add my own personal touch to the game besides the gear, but even then it all came down to how strong the gear was.

I could never stash all the cool looking weapons I had acquired throughout my levelling, questing and raiding/dungeons besides hide them in the crypts of a bank. I always wanted to be able to create similar environments like in Skyrim. You could hang badass looking weapons on the wall and have silhouettes dressed in your best gear.

Now with WildStar, I have everything I had ever wanted in an MMORPG plus a whole lot more. I never even dreamt of how much customisation I would be able to utilise but what Carbine has to offer has far exceeded my expectations. Once you reach level fourteen you are allowed to gain access to your floating property of land. Once you speak to the NPC he directs you behind draped curtains to a room which offers several types of designs which showcase what you can create and when you’re done you can teleport to your land.

To say I was excited when I first got up there is an understatement. The space you have available is huge and my mind immediately began racing with what I could do to make it exactly how I wanted. It is essentially split up into cubes in the customisation screen in a grid. Your house essentially will always be in the same spot but you can pick what you want in the surrounding areas. I haven’t unlocked a whole lot of customisation options just yet in terms of what I can put on my land but I can already tell I will spend a lot of time choosing to make it perfect.

The video below is a lengthy showcase of exactly what is on offer, check it out if you have the time.

Fortunately the options don’t just end there. Once you actually get inside your house you really begin to understand the scope of detail they have when it comes to housing options. As you level you will encounter random drops throughout the world and add them to your customisation bank which you can freely remove and add items you own. You can also purchase random objects to put in to your house but you won’t really be able to afford much until the latter levels and have acquired your mount. But given how many options there are, I know already that I will spend majority of my money in to the housing system.

Once you have picked your items you can literally put it wherever you want. Do you want a chair on the wall? No problem. How about a bed on the roof? Go for it. Most people use the word ‘literally’ instead of figuratively but I mean it when I say literally. You can craft the rooms exactly how you want in what position you want facing the direction you want. Besides spending money on upgrades later in the game for my character, I know that every cent will be spent on my land.

WildStar offers up not only just the ability to customise a house, it allows you to customise everything the land is on. You can even build your own gardens and have trees where you want. They have given us the tools to let our creativity and imagination run wild and I truly appreciate how much effort has gone in to a game feature that is sorely overlooked.

But designing the land you want isn’t complete without showing it off to all your friends. Once you’re satisfied with every crook and cranny you can open it up for others to come and explore your personal space. It will be a cool idea for guild housing for everyone to gather and store gear/weapons/supplies, especially for the hard-core guilds.

I still have a lot to tinker with and learn about the housing but given the tools on offer it will be a enjoyable to learn everything about it.