Celebrate Halloween in ‘The Settlers Online’

Ubisoft and Blue Byte have announced the annual Halloween event for The Settlers Online has now begun. The event adds a range of new content, which include a new building, new buffs and a new boss fight, alongside the Halloween gameplay elements that veteran Settlers players have become accustomed to from previous themed events.

Why bother trick-or-treating in the cold night air, when players can visit their friends’ islands and trick-or-tweet online. Players can use the trick buff to stop the production of a friends’ island for two hours, while this can be averted by using the treat buff in retaliation, which will end the trick and yield four times higher output f that building.

Returning for the Halloween event is the Golem, who is even more challenging than ever before. The Golem will invade each player’s island during the event, with players needing to fight the Golem with resources and buffs to make it leave. The Golem is no pushover though, as he can re-spawn as a Rock Golem, a Greater Golem or an Ancient Golem, though victory against this giant opponent will yield precious rewards.

Alongside the returning Golem is the Pumpkin Hat. The hat is earned for successfully closed adventures, or perhaps you want to trade in your produced pumpkins from the special pumpkin field for special Halloween objects, such as decorations, buffs and buildings. This year players will also receive the new fish farm, which will produce fish without the need of a deposit and can be acquired through the Pumpkin Hunt and trade in.