‘Gauntlet’ DLC Launches, Lilith the Necromancer

Warner Bros. Interactive and Arrowhead have released a new DLC character for Gauntlet, Lilith the Necromancer.

Lilith is a practitioner of the dark arts and uses her understanding of the Book of the Dead to summon skeleton warriors to her side to aid her in battles. Lilith also possesses the Ghostwalk ability, which allows her to pass through enemies when she finds herself in a deadly situation.

Alongside the new DLC, Season 1 of the Gauntlet Coliseum debuts with a free in-game update for all players. Gauntlet Coliseum offers six horde-mode style arenas that will test player skill as they battle waves of enemies. Victory at the Gauntlet Coliseum will be rewarded with new cosmetic items, alongside their spot on the leaderboards. Additional challenges will be released in future season updates.

Lilith the Necromancer is available now for US $4.99, and you can also read Analog Addiction’s full review of Gauntlet here.