‘Trials Frontier’ Receives New PvP Mode

Ubisoft has announced that the free-to-play mobile title Trials Frontier will now allow players to directly complete against one another in the new PvP mode.

Players will compete in showdowns over month long seasons as they compete to reach the highest rank. Players will face-off on three tracks, with each match not allowing any restarts. At the conclusion of each match players will be awarded prizes which include PvP Chips, which can be traded in for unique tracks, exclusive outfits and more.

“The PvP mode is the largest in-game update in Trials Frontier, and will be the first time a true competitive Player vs. Player has ever come to the Trials’ Universe,” said Justin Swan, Lead Designer on Trials Frontier.

“We’ve worked diligently to create a PvP mode that lets players race each other asynchronously while also keeping the competitive Trials spirit alive. We’re inviting all of our players to come fight for a spot on our Legends Leaderboard for fame, glory and in-game winnings.” 

Trials Frontier was developed by RedLynx and available on the App Store or Google Play. RedLynx also released Trials Fusion earlier this year; you can read the full Trials Fusion review here.