‘Trine: Enchanted Edition’ Coming to PS4 Tomorrow

While PlayStation 4 gamers have been enjoying the definitive edition of the second entry in the physics-based cooperative 2.5D puzzle series Trine for a while now, they will soon be able to dive into the franchise’s first entry, as well. How soon, you may ask? Well, as soon as tomorrow, December 17th – at least in Europe. North American players will have to wait until next week, more specifically until December 23rd.

As you might expect this Enchanted Edition sports a 1080p resolution and runs at 60 frames per second. It even includes a 3D option. While players can freely switch between the game’s three main characters – a wizard, a knight, or a thief – they can also engage in a three-player co-op mode, both locally and via online play. For a better look, check out the game’s launch trailer above.