Mac’s First and Only MMORTS Launching in January

Independent developer Firefly Studios has announced the Mac version of its popular massive multiplayer online real-time strategy title, Stronghold Kingdoms, will be launching on January 13th, 2015. And when we say popular, we really mean it, as Firefly says it’s among the top 100 most-played titles on Steam, right now.

“As a small indie, releasing Stronghold Kingdoms on Mac is a huge milestone for us,” says Nick Tannahill, Marketing Manager at Firefly Studios. “This is something players have been asking for since the game first launched on Steam in 2012, and we’re looking forward to players settling the eternal battle between PC and Mac online. Our new Mac edition features cross-platform play with the hundreds of thousands of PC players who log in every month. This massively improves the first time experience for new Mac users, who will have thousands of active players to fight alongside in their game world on day one.”

Stronghold Kingdoms on Mac also includes content updates from over two years of active development,” continues Tannahill. “Players can use gunpowder on a ‘Fourth Age’ world, collect rewards for completing quests and fight across 33 different countries in our massive ‘Europe’ game-world. We really owe players for the explosive growth of the game over the past two years, which we will continue to support with monthly updates and a large gameplay update planned for the coming months.”

As we mentioned in the title, Stronghold Kingdoms will be the first and only MMORTS title available to Mac players, one which allows players to build a castle in their home town and lay siege to their virtual neighbours.