‘Volume’ Trailer Showcases New Enemy Types, Andy Serkis VO

Developer Mike Bithell has released a new trailer for his upcoming title Volume, which focuses on the enemies players will encounter during this stealth adventure.

The enemy focused Volume trailer showcases an array of new enemy types, aside from the previously revealed Pawn and Turret enemies.

The new enemy types revealed include the Knight is a lethal enemy carrying a sword which he will use to cut down the player with vicious power;  the Rogue enemy type has the ability to see around corner and in-between objects making him a dangerous challenge when trying to be undetected; the Hound is a dog that will howl when you are spotted making your enemies aware of your location, and the Archer uses his bow and arrow to shoot you from a distance when spotted.

The trailer ends with a little surprise for Volume fans, showcasing the first voice over work from actor Andy Serkis who will be playing the game’s antagonist, Gisborne, who will be accompanied by Alan, an AI voiced by Danny Wallace.


Volume is scheduled to release in 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PC and Mac. Until then Analog Addiction has had the pleasure to interview Bithell regarding Volume on two separate occasions, which can be read here and here.