‘JumpJet Rex’ Boosts Onto Steam Early Access

Independent developer TreeFortress Games has announced its new 2D, old school inspired platformer JumpJet Rex is now available on Steam Early Access for $9.99.

JumpJet Rex allows players to take control of a jump boots wearing interstellar T-Rex, in order to save the dinosaur race from extinction from a giant asteroid. JumpJet Rex features fast paced challenging platforming in a 16-bit styled world over four uniquely themed areas – space, snow, jungle and castle.

“We’ve always been fans of difficult old school platformers that challenged our skill and sanity, and as an independent studio we have the freedom to make the games that we want to play,” said Mike Gaboury, art director of TreeFortress Games. “With JumpJet Rex, we have created a game that is easy to pick up, fun to play, hard to master, and even harder to put down. Plus you get to play as a T-Rex with space boots, which is pretty rad!”

Early Access owners will have access to 12 levels out of the 40 available at launch, as well as the co-op multiplayer mode available in a few weeks, and the deathmatch/battle modes available in March. JumpJet Rex will also allow players to challenge their friends ghosts, to improve their time and showcase their fast paced skills.