Could New ‘Fire Emblem’ Game Be Released in 2015?

An email newsletter from Nintendo Australia suggests that the recently announced Fire Emblem game for 3DS may be releasing in 2015.

The image above (via GoNintendo) showcases the newsletter which clearly details a handful of Nintendo titles “coming in 2015″. Though one would assume Fire Emblem would have released in Japan sometime this year, this suggests that it could also receive a western release before 2015’s end.

This email has to be taken with a grain of salt though as the “TBC” below the Fire Emblem image states this is To Be Confirmed, leading us to believe it could change.

The latest Nintendo Direct did originally suggest the broadcast would focus on “spring 2015 Wii U and 3DS releases” and was originally announced by Nintendo America. Could the Nintendo Direct and newsletter confirm the 2015 release? Perhaps, but until we have solid confirmation on either a concrete release date we shouldn’t assume.