Playtonic Releases FAQ on ‘Banjo Kazooie’ Successor

Playtonic Games, a development team composed of veterans from the Microsoft-owned developer Rare Ltd., has released a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on their website, which reveals some details on their upcoming game called Project Ukulele.

The FAQ answers goes over a few different things: The purpose of it going on Kickstarter, when we will see further information and more.

Playtonic said the Ukulele is going on Kickstarter because they are hoping “to make this the best game it can possibly be, with the creative freedom to ensure that the final product is something we can all be proud of.” If the Kickstarter doesn’t pull through, Playtonic plans to still develop the game, but the funds will allow them to “add many features and platform versions… that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.” As of right now, only a PC iteration is officially planned for release.

The rewards for pledging to the project on Kickstarted will depend on the donations themselves. The ideal goal is releasing Ukulele on multiple platforms with the same release date. Playtonic said potential physical rewards could be “books, limited editions, toys, clothing… We may even throw in some games as well.”

More information, such as what the characters look like, will be revealed in May when the Kickstarter launches, but Playtonic assures fans they will like what they see.

“If you like our past work, the humour, style, challenging 3D platforming, helping out lots of mumbling NPC’s and collectively collecting collectibles then you’ll be in for a goggle-eyed treat,” Playtonic said.

Details on the game were originally revealed in a conference by Playtonic during EGX Rezzed this past weekend. Ukulele will contain elements such as “3D jumping, trinkets to collect… inanimate objects with big eye-balls on them” and expanding worlds. The conference, which lasts around 36 minutes, can be viewed below.