This is the First Team to Complete ‘GTA V’s Mastermind Challenge

In case you have no idea what the Mastermind Challenge is, thus probably wondering why we’ve taken the time to write about it, know that this particular Grand Theft Auto Online feat requires the same team to complete all of the game’s Heists setups and finales, in order, without losing any lives, on the Hard difficulty. Yeah, it’s tough.

In a video posted on YouTube, a GTA Online team composed of players Desert_Templar, DEVELISH12-9, KoingWolf, and Edub_1234 proves they have completed this rather impressive achievement. After factoring in other bonuses, the team has been rewarded with $12,000,000.

Player KoingWolf has wrote on the that “it was the most fun I’ve had in GTA Online, ever, and one of the most stressful challenges I’ve ever experienced in a video game.”

Will your team be the next to do it?