Debut Trailer for Episodic Adventure ‘Knee Deep’

Following the original announcement of the three part episodic adventure Knee Deep, Prologue Games has released a new trailer showcasing a critical story element from the game.

The short trailer mostly contains an ominously moving camera, which is slowly rising around a large structure. When the camera finally reaches the top we are shown a man who has hung himself, or perhaps been hung by someone else, hanging from the top of the towering structure. In the original game reveal Prologue Games stated that “three playable characters investigating an actor’s unlikely suicide”, which perhaps is the one featured in this trailer.

Knee Deep has been inspired by live theater, which is shown strongly in the final scenes of the trailer, as the curtain closes on the traumatic scene inside.

Knee Deep is currently part of Steam Greenlight and is in production for a June, 2015 release for PC, Mac and Linux. For more on Knee Deep check out the official website.