E3 2015: Limited Time ‘Runbow’ Demo Now Available on Wii U

Developer 13AM Games has announced a special demo of its upcoming game Runbow is now available exclusively on the Wii U Nintendo eShop.

The Runbow demo is available to download and enjoy for a limited time, with the demo becoming unavailable after June 22. Players who download the Runbow demo during this period will be entitled to a 15 percent discount on the full version of the game when it releases on the Nintendo eShop later this year; adding more incentive to enjoy this limited time demo.

“There’s no better way to explain Runbow other than getting some hands-on time with the game,” said Dave Proctor, Co-Founder of 13AM Games. “At every show we attend we get to see it elicit crazy amounts of laughter and frustration, and now people get to experience Runbow’s couch multiplayer action on their Wii U at home, alone or with friends, in Adventure mode and our classic Run mode. With this special demo preview, Wii U players will get to try the first ever nine-player multiplayer, totally free of charge.”

Runbow is a fast paced, action party game for up to nine players. Players race against one another as platforms and obstacles appear and disappear while the background cycles through a series of vibrant colours. Players can sprint against friends in “Run” mode, or play one of Runbow‘s additional six modes, including Arena, King of the Hill, ColourMaster and Adventure Mode.