‘Overwatch’ Servers Currently Down on PS4

PlayStation 4 users hoping to spend their last hours of May playing Overwatch were in for disappointment as the server access to Battle.Net crashed around 11:15pm est.

While not specific to gamer’s like myself in North America, 1,122 reports were shared as of 11:15pm est on downdetector.com, a website that focuses on complaints around server issues like Battle.Net.

Notifications like the “breaking news” one I received when trying to log on on my PlayStation 4 recommended I follow Blizzards customer service twitter feed. Upon searching their website, the Twitter feed acknowledges the outage and has no current steps to fix this problem.

While server issues are nails on a chalkboard to a gamer, you can spend your downtime checking out our review of the game and a look at how Overwatch may reshape retail gaming.

Are you having issues connecting to Overwatch? Let us know!