Analog Addiction’s Most Anticipated Games from E3 2016

As with every E3, we saw a lot of games. Some newly announced, others returning for another year. With that said, the Analog Addiction editors have united to list their most anticipated games from E3 2016.

God of War (Baby Daddy edition)

The Father/Son, Teacher/Student dynamic is as old as the mythology God of War is rooted in. But that doesn’t for one second mean I’m not over the moon excited to see this next instalment of the God of War franchise.

Kratos has always had two speeds: Angry and Horny.

He would plough through legions of monsters with no remorse for the brutal damage he would inflict upon them. And tended to show the ladies in his bedchamber the same affection.

So to find out that this story is set to peel back some of the layers of the Ghost of Sparta, makes me more than excited. Whether it turns out we are playing as Kratos or the boy during the majority of the game remains to be seen. But the demo showed at E3 2016 made me want to jump back into that brutal world more so than any other game at the conference. – Devon McCarty

Forza Horizon 3 (Crusin’ round ‘straya)

As a huge fan of the Forza franchise, particularly the Horizon games, I was really hoping for another festival-based racer to be shown during E3. I love the soundtracks they’ve used, and the open world environments have always been breathtaking. The games have a slight arcade feel to them when compared to the core Forza titles, and the result is more emphasis on enjoyment and fun rather than trying to approach turns at the proper angle or having clean laps to find yourself atop the leaderboard.

Taking the game to Australia will yield all kinds of new scenery. While there have already been criticisms about the geographical accuracy, the team at Playground Studios clearly just wants to offer players a gorgeous world to drive through. From the reveal trailer, it’s easy to see they’ve already succeeded and with only a few months between today and the release date, my desire to drive through fields with kangaroos is growing by the minute. – Eric Pepper

Forza Horizon 3 Lamborghini on Beach

Horizon: Zero Dawn (when the machines take over)

I’ve been interested in Horizon: Zero Dawn since the original announcement at E3 last year, and that interest has now turned into fever-pitched excitement.

Guerrilla Games elected to showcase an extended gameplay demo of Horizon: Zero Dawn and it exceeded all my initial expectations. Horizon: Zero Dawn is easily one of the best looking games from E3 2016, producing some breathtaking visuals with an excellent selection of colours that help create a unique world. But Horizon‘s gameplay also showcased some of unique robotic enemy types, while also giving us a small glimpse at the abilities the player will posses that will allow them interact and control these creatures.

Horizon: Zero Dawn also has a heroine that is clouded in mystery, and if the recent story trailer focusing on Aloy is anything to go by, that narrative arc could provide some first class storytelling.

Plus Horizon also allows players to ride a robotic bull, while firing flaming/explosive arrows at a robotic dinosaur…and that is something I need in my life. – Jamie Briggs

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Inhale the open world)

It may be an unsurprising choice in general, but there’s an excellent reason for that. Breath of the Wild looks like a fantastic leap the series has needed for years now. The trailers still have a Zelda vibe to them, but with a heavy hint of Western RPG influence from titles such as Skyrim or The Witcher III. And it seems to boast as much, if not more, land than the aforementioned titans of RPGs. How crazy is it that the demos we saw at E3 encompassed only one percent of the land? And with so much mystery still surrounding the NX, you have to wonder just how much is being packed into this Zelda entry that appears to be taking the series toward a turn for the better.

With a fantastic art style, weapon and armour upgrades — plus maintenance — and freedom on how to approach the story that hasn’t been seen since the original NES game, not being excited is much more difficult. – Robbie Key

Dishonored 2 (Badass assassin game 2.0)

As a big fan of sneaking around in Skyrim, stealth and rogue attacks in Mass Effect and Dragon Age, and sitting on gargoyles forever in the Arkham games, I was a huge fan of Dishonored.

The announcement of Dishonored 2 last year has had me excited for months, so when Bethesda showed us some of the new gameplay I was pretty stoked. I love the story and the setting, so I’m really excited to dive back into the lore of the franchise, as well as to revisit characters from the first game. I have plenty of questions I am ready to have answered, including how Emily gets marked by the Outsider.

Speaking of Emily, I’m incredibly excited about the option to play as her and the chance to explore her new abilities. Some of her powers, like Domino and the ability to move back and forth through time have already caught my attention, leaving me to wonder which ones will be absolutely essential. – Hope Hornsby

Sea of Thieves (playing pirate)

My first instinct was to nominate Battlefield 1 or Titanfall 2 as my most anticipated game from E3 2016, but I already know there’s a fair possibility that they will be and another game continually crossed my mind this E3. That game is Sea of Thieves. Honestly, there’s a fair chance Sea of Thieves could not live up to my expectations, but it also has the capacity to exceed them. Previews from people lucky enough to play the game at E3 were promising, with many enjoying operating a pirate ship with a bunch of comrades. I’ve always had a soft spot for pirates, so that’s why I’m excited for Sea of Thieves, and I love the chaotic nature that it looks to be presenting.

To me it feels like one of the more unique experiences coming out of E3 this year, and I look forward to tracking its development and learning about other features of the game such as the on-land activities. After all, haven’t we all fantasised about being pirates? – Nathan Manning