‘Drinkbox Vita Collection’ Available This Week

Playstation Vita owners may be incredibly familiar with Drinkbox Studios, as they are the developers behind such titles as Guacamelee! and Severed. Coming this week, July 13 to be specific, the Drinkbox Vita Collection will be available for purchase through the Playstation Store exclusively on the Vita. This collection will provide gamers with every title the studio has created at a discounted bundle rate. For those curious as to which titles are included in this package, Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attacks, Guacamelee!, and Severed are found in this collection. As an added bonus, Guacamelee! is a cross-buy title as it has since been released on the Playstation 3, meaning that you will also be able to download it to your PS3 free of charge when you purchase the Drinkbox Vita Collection.

At the present time, this bundle is only being offered digitally, although Chris McQuinn of Drinkbox Studios is not eliminating the possibility of finding the collection a home on the shelves of retailers. In the comments section of the Playstation Blog post, he stated “This is purely a digital bundle for the time being.”

As previously mentioned, the Drinkbox Vita Collection will be available on Wednesday, July 13 and this is the perfect time to pick these games up if you have not experienced them before. Analog Addiction has reviewed both Guacamelee! and Severed, and loved both of them. Do you plan on picking up the bundle when it becomes available in a few days? Let us know why or why not in the comments below!