The PC version of ‘Resident Evil 6′ launches today, so how about celebrating it by watching the first in-game footage of ‘Left 4 Dead 2′s survivors and infected battling it out in the most recent title of the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise?

As the trailer presented, four protagonists (Coach, Nick, Ellis and Rochelle) from ‘Left 4 Dead 2′ will be available in the PC exclusive mode, “Mercenaries No Mercy“, with two of the infected enemies from said zombie game (The Witch and Mini Tank) also making an appearance. This crossover comes free of charge, and can be downloaded in the background starting April 5th.

The press release states:

With the PC version of Resident Evil 6 launching today we have the first video showing Left 4 Dead 2’s Survivors and Special Infected Zombies in the game. As announced last week, four of L4D2’s Survivors – Coach, Nick, Ellis and Rochelle – will be playable characters in the PC exclusive Mercenaries No Mercy mode, with The Witch and Mini Tank appearing as additional enemies for players to take down, regardless of whether a character from Left 4 Dead 2 or Resident Evil 6 is chosen. This new and exclusive content is free and will automatically be downloaded in the background to all owners of the PC version of Resident Evil 6 from April 5.