If a particular translation is to be believed, the developer behind the critically acclaimed ‘Witcher’ saga is starting to further expand its territories, with more studios opening, more games en route to our stores, and maybe even a ‘Witcher’ movie.


This particular document, which was translated by a member of the official ‘Witcher’ forums, is describing CD Projekt Red’s upcoming plans in the coming years. Here’s a breakdown on the most important aspects, and a few personal notes on them:

For 2013 we have:

  • “Launch of a local branch of CD Projekt RED in the United States, focused on marketing and PR for both Americas, especially the US” – The ‘Witcher’ developer was always more popular in Europe than in America, but this doesn’t mean that it won’t try to expands its fan-base. More fans = more money = more, and even better games.
  • Open REDkit beta and further support of the modding community” – This should make PC gamers even happier, as mods are always welcomed when it comes to further expanding a game’s life. The developer primarily being an RPG studio, it would be a no-brainer to let its fans create their own adventures in the huge worlds they “inhabit”.
  • “Premiere of the first non-computer game set in the Witcher world” – The ‘Witcher’ saga is based on the book series of the same name, written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, so this being an entry in the book department is out of the question. Maybe a TV series? We already have one. That leaves us with one possible conclusion only: this premiere might be referring to a movie. If that would be the case, then we might get so see Geralt on the big screen, for the first time, possibly sometimes during this fall, or winter.

For 2014, all the way up to 2016 we have:

  • “Launch of further local CDPR branches in key territories” – Same as above: the more popular they become, the more games we’ll get.
  • “Launch of the full version of the REDkit and further modding community support” – Again, more power to the player is always a good thing, and CD Projekt Red is known for caring for its fans, unlike other studios.
  • “Start of license sales for REDengine” – The REDengine is a sight to behold; just look at ‘The Witcher 2′ running on maximum settings on a capable PC, and you’ll know what I mean. During a recent interview, CD Projekt Red stated that it wants to bring “CG movie” graphics to ‘The Witcher 3′, via its new and improved REDengine 3. Seeing other game franchises running on this new engine will be great for gamers, and very beneficial for the Polish developer.
  • “A cross-platform mobile game based on one of CDPR’s brands” – Seeing as the upcoming ‘Cyberpunk 2077′ will portray a grittier world set in the future (hint: 2077), this might indicate some sort of connectivity between this mobile game, and ‘Cyberpunk 2077′. CD Projekt Red has already stated that their upcoming futuristic-looking video game will indeed include multiplayer, so this mobile game might represent a way to always stay connected to its world, something akin to Ubisoft’s upcoming ‘Watch Dogs’ and its use of smartphones. Might we be able to hinder other players’ progress? Or maybe help them pass a difficult section via our mobile game? We’ll just have to wait and see, but this possible feature sure sounds interesting.
  • “Two smaller (about 20 hours of gameplay) but top-quality games supporting one of the product lines” – Only a top quality developer like CD Projekt Red would consider a 20-hours-length video game, “a smaller title”. Now regarding these particular two games… your guess is as good as mine. Will they be indie titles? “Supporting one of the product lines” sounds like they might have something in common with either ‘The Witcher 3′ or ‘Cyberpunk 2077′.  Prequels? Sequels? Spin-offs? The options are quite varied.
  • “Launch of The Witcher 3 for at least three strong platforms including PC and PS4″ – We can already guess that the third platform is Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox; there’s no doubt to that. ‘The Witcher 3‘ will see the conclusion to Geralt’s adventure, but will not be the end of the series. For more information, you can check out a few new details on this newest entry right here.
  • “Long-term Witcher 3 support involving completely new mechanics” – As stated above, CD Projekt Red likes to keep its fans happy, with more content always being released, always free of charge, after one of their games’ release. ‘The Witcher 2′ saw a lot of new additions, from new quests, to features like new haircuts, so it would be a no-brainer for this new entry to also be supported after launch. “Completely new mechanics” does sound rather intriguing. Will they be new fighting styles? New mini-games maybe? Again, the options are there, we’ll just have to wait and see.
  • “Launch of Cyberpunk 2077″ – ‘Cyberpunk 2077′ is an RPG set in the future, where body augmentations can be either a salvation to mankind, or its utter destruction. Details are scares, but you can read more about it right here.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for more details on everything CD Projekt Red-related, and before you go, tells us what you would like to see from this Polish developer!