Indie Title ‘Ballpoint Universe’ is Drawn Entirely from a Ballpoint Pen

A new indie game further pushes against the argument that video games can’t be art.

In Ballpoint Universe, you appropriately assume the role of Doodle who just so happens to be a doodle. Everything from the environments to the enemies and Doodle in Ballpoint Universe are drawn with a ballpoint pen, and it looks absolutely stunning.

The gameplay alternates between a sidescroller shooter and platformer adventure. During the sidescroller portions, you may customize your ship with a variety of parts where pieces work as different functions from health to preferred weapon settings and special attacks.

There will additionally be 50 in-game trophies for you to collect from completing different various tasks.

Check out a trailer for Ballpoint Universe below:

If you want this game to draw its way to Steam, vote for it here on Steam’s Greenlight program.

Arachnid Games, the development studio behind Ballpoint Universe, set up a Facebook page for the game or you can visit their website.

Ballpoint Universe will be made available in May 2013 for both PC and Mac.