Ubisoft Announces Future Digital Titles Including ‘Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon’

Gearing towards the summer time, Ubisoft has announced their plans to bring gamers new digital titles.

The first title is the April Fool’s-revealed Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, a digital game separate from Far Cry 3. Assuming the role of Sergeant Rex Cole, you are a Mark IV cyber-commando on a quest to bring down Cole’s former commanding officer and his cybornetic soldiers for the sake of revenge in a 1980′s Sci-fi movie apocalyptic setting in the “distant” year 2007.

Michael Biehn from The TerminatorAliens, and The Abyss stars as the voice for Cole. Oh, and Ubisoft assures there will be Blood Dragons shooting lasers from their eyes in case you were wondering.

Blood Dragon flies its way to  Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC on May 1 for $14.99. Pre-orders of Blood Dragon come packed with a copy of the soundtrack by Power Glove.

Next in Ubisoft’s digital release is a 3D and HD remake of the platformer Flashback in honor of its 20th anniversary. The remake is developed by the game’s original creator using the Unreal engine where it will retain both classic and modern gameplay elements. Flashback takes us back in time in summer 2013 and will be available on the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC. The price is to be announced.=

Last but not least is Cloudberry Kingdom, the first platformer to generate its own levels with each playthrough appealing to players of all skill sets. Cloudberry may be played solo or with three other friends cooperatively with three other friends locally in addition to a several different game modes. Playing as the hero Bob, you are in a fight to restore balance to Cloudberry Kingdom against The Orb and Kobbler.

Cloudberry Kingdom is set to launch in summer 2013 on the Wii U eShop, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and Playstation Vita. The price will be announced in the near future.

What do you think? Are you excited for any of these releases? Would you spend your money else where? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.