Injustice: Gods Among Us #15

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Tom Derenick


This was a solid issue as the story continues to keep the comic on track as the focus is still on  Batman and Superman. The atmosphere surrounding the two is very exciting and fun because right now they represent to sides of the same coin. Batman’s reaction to them taking away the prisoners really sold the moment because even knowing how dangerous these villains are, and even the things they said(Zsasz in particular) Batman was reluctant to give them up. Even to give Cyborg a virus, his own ally. The stakes don’t feel as though they are really high atm, but you still get that excitement from the heroes having to now fight every released resident of Arkham who aren’t willing to be taken away without a fight.

One thing that stood out most this issue is Taylor’s writing of Harley. This is the Harley that many fans like to see and while her part was small in this issue she managed to still create a laugh or two between her interactions with Green Arrow and Kenneth. Even the short dialogue from Calender Man generated some laughs during this crazy situation.

The artwork remains to impress as the thorough coloring and inking make the scenes pop out.  The bold coloring is also complimented by sharp dialogue and a cliffhanger that has us all excited as we wit in anticipation for the next issue.

Score: 7.9/10