Young Avengers #4

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Cover Artist: Jamie Mckelvie


In Young Avengers #4, Kate and No-Varr enter the story as they come to save Chavez, Wiccan, Hulking, and Loki. It was a fast paced issue that proved to be entertaining beginning to end. Billy’s spell has brought back everyone’s parents who were apparently dead or gone. And while they try to run away the creature that’s pursuing them is taking over many people to create an army. An army that will continue to grow until the source can either stop it or reverse what spawned them, and that person is Billy.

The excitement in this issue again comes from the arcade like fighting style that McKelvie creates. Gillen doesn’t waste time dragging fights on and does it in a way that condenses the story. His writing again for Loki is spot on as he not only plays mind games with Hulkling, but Billy as well to finally convince him to lend him his powers. Not only this but when they finally think that they can trust Loki he ditches them yet again as a swarm of infected humans charge at them. Though Chavez’s reaction to Loki may come off a bit dry because of her distrust, she still manages to stay appealing as she is the first one ready to jump into a fight punching. The short panel with Thor and Captain America generated a few laughs as well as they are having a normal conversation while the Young Avengers are being chased through the sky.

Young Avengers yet again proves to be the Marvel NOW! book that manages to balance being serious and humorous at the same time. This issue has built up to something big to come as they take on the swarm of infected and as we await to see what it is that Loki has up his sleeve since it’s hard to believe he’d leave them without a good reason.

Score: 8.9/10