Written by: Grant Morrison
Art by: Chris Burnham
Cover by: Chris Burnham


BATMAN, INCORPORATED #10 is about preparing for the final fight. That’s what we saw throughout this issue despite the slight complaint of a slow pace and too much going on at once. We see Bruce who is now backed into a corner, calling for any and all who can aid him in his final fight. This is the side of Batman that all this has built up to because as Nightwing said, this is when he’s at his most dangerous. The conclusion of the issue was shocking as he not only took that huge suit from Lucius, but the man bat formula from Dr. Langston as a means to give himself an edge.

What most of us wanted to see since Damian’s death was Talia’s real feelings towards the loss of her son. That’s what this issue delivered on as not only was she frustrated with Batman that he forced her to make that decision, but she was angry at Damian for involving himself and angry enough at the guards who opened fire on him to have them slaughtered by Leviathan. You do feel some sympathy for Leviathan right now because you can see that he only wants to please his mother, but she doesn’t treat him like her own son and goes as far as to control him with that device implanted on his spine to give him a jolt.

The artwork in this issue was a bit underwhelming at points. Mainly during those moments such as he interaction between Nightwing and Red Robin, their facial expressions looked very rushed and weird. Besides that, the inking was well done to say the least to capture the emotion the story tried to create.

Score: 7/10