‘Ghost Recon Online’ Receives New Title Update

Ubisoft’s free-to-play shooter Ghost Recon Online gets a title update boasting several new features.

The new title update patch 0.11.0 upgrades the game service while using feedback from the community to include new features.

The first of these new additions features is the map new map called Attica Heights. Located in Singapore’s business district, this map is a building with tight security and the second map designed for Holdout.

Players can now test any weapon in the Firing Range to get a better feel for a weapon depending on the player’s testing preferences. You will also be able to test how a weapon is before you buy it with the Field Testing system. As you level up and unlock weapons, you will be granted the ability to test a weapon for three standard matches to see if it fits your play style.

The OMEGA Pack new gear and weapons for those who fancy close-quarters combat with high fire rates and brief ready times. This pack also includes new headgear and upgraded weapons with camouflage skins.

If you are in a clan, then the new Beta Map Testing allows you to not only play maps before they release, but you can provide feedback to help improve the layouts of a map.

Lastly, Mystery Boxes give players a chance to earn new and possibly rare gear, including limited-edition and vintage weapons.