Guardians of the Galaxy #2 Review

Guardians of the Galaxy #2

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Cover Artist: Steve Mcniven


Guardians of the Galaxy #2 takes us on the Guardians next adventure as they defend London from a brutal Badoon invasion. We all know the cause is because of Quill’s father, but what we learn in this issue is what it is he did exactly. The King of Spartax gathered the United Nations of the Universe where he forced them to see how much of a threat Earth is can will be once they achieve a higher status in the Universe. He pointed out how they have done the unthinkable and survived the impossible, not to mention how dangerous many of them are who are superpowered. Majority of this book is seeing the Guardians basically mop the floor with the Badoons. From beginning to end it was teamwork as they successfully crashed each enemy ship and slaughtered any and all who stood in their way

This was a very fun issue overall because of this blend of characters. Bendis made Rocket Raccoon the star of the book, not as the center of attention, but the favorite who can generate laughs and has the best dialogue. “Blam! Murdered you!”, was the one thing you could take out of this book and say with a smile on your face because Rocket’s cocky attitude as he wasn’t afraid of what the Badoon were capable of. The artwork from Mcniven made each fight scene feel like something out of an action movie, the colors are vibrant, and everything is right in your face.

It’s a slow paced story so far, but as for what has happened in this issue, it proved to still be exciting which is why the pacing can be overlooked. Whatever comes next is going to be more intense as J-Son seems to have a hidden agenda that he’s trying to play.

Score: 8.2/10